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AH85 Tan Cooler Box

Product name:AH85 Tan Cooler Box
Material:Rotomolded polyethylene LLDPE
Process: disposable rotational molding process
Cold holding temperature: -24℃ ~ +8℃
Cold storage time: over 5-7 days
Product use: insulation, refrigerationc; keep fresh for fish, sea food,
meat beverage; cold chain transportation

The AHIC 85 is the outdoor cooler that's ideal for keeping your family and
friends fed and hydrated a tailgate,barbecue, or day at the lake. The AHIC 85
cooler will pretected your food, drink, or catches from burly party
crashers.than with standard ice and with less weight. It’s the perfect outdoor
cooler for extended hunting and fishing trips.
Holds up to 156 cans plus ice.
Product Description


1. Rotational structure of integrated products, high strength, solid and durable.

2. Select food and imported PE materials, environmental protection, not fade, and uvioresistant.

3. Thickened PU foam layer, which has a good heat insulation and cold storage effect.

4. A sealing bar like refrigerator’s, which can lock cool air not leakage.

5. The full- length,auto-stop’s hinge can make the box cover not turn over excessively and damage

6. Equipped with non slip, seamless feet pads, which keep the box stability on the ground

7. Nylon handle-rope with handle bars which is according with ergonomic, make easy to carry, and not easily damage.

8. There is a water plug in the side of box, which can easily drain the melted ice water.



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